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Winzenburg Hill

Winzenberg Hill, 5 June 2021

We’d intended to visit the big rata in the Akatarawa Forest, but the early start required would have caused some of us to fall asleep before we reached it. That trip, to be led by Peter Harvey of Lowry Bay will be rescheduled for summer.

The replacement was a continuation of work trips held on 5 October, 14 November and 24 April. Four SWTC and three Masterton TC members took part. Notable was the presence of Clive Baxter, who retired from tramping about 25 years ago but today made a forceful comeback celebrated with pink and chocolate lamingtons.

Morning tea (rushed by team members eager to start work) was taken after the main climb. About 300 metres of clearing  brought us almost to the summit, with 20 metres or less remaining for a ceremonial ribbon-cutting on the next trip. Gerald dropped his tools and pushed through the last scrub to take in the view to the east.

We could now develop a track on the ridge marked by blue dots below, creating a round trip. What do you think?

Participants from SWTC: Clive Baxter, Chris Crowe, Ian Montgomerie & John Rhodes. From Masterton TC: Nigel, Gerald & John Rhodes

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