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Mitre Flats Hut day trip

Mitre Flats hut day trip. 5th June 2021.

Four from Masterton Tramping Club set out from the Pines road end to Mitre Flats hut on the Saturday of the long weekend. Mia, Margaret, Tony and Sandra compared favourite river views as they crossed the farmland - initially met by a friendly bunch of chickens! We continued along the track, zig zag-ing up small hills, crossing the creeks and scrambling over the rocky bits. There was a slight view from the open sections towards Baldy, but Mitre Peak was mainly in the cloud. We only saw one other tramper on the way in, and 2 ladies at the hut heading the Cow Creek (after there trip up to the Peak was clouded in). We had a lovely hot soup lunch in the hut, topped up the rat bait and took some photos. Then back to the track and heading to the road end. We counted 25 people heading in to the hut for the night - lots of young trampers which was good to see. We retraced our steps, slightly quicker than the way in, but still met with an hour of darkness at the end of the day. Head torches on, we took our time on the rocky sections, making better pace once back to the farm land. Our friendly chickens had gone to roost for the night.

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