• Welcome to the Masterton Tramping Club website, we are a small, friendly and active club. We offer a wide variety of adventures throughout the year. These trips vary from easy, one day walks, to multi day camping trips in the south island.

    Masterton Tramping Club

  • Welcome

    We meet on the first Wednesday of each month (except January) at the Masterton Community Centre, 41 Perry Street. Meetings start at 7.30pm, and at most meetings we have a guest speaker or some form of training. Visitors and prospective members are encouraged to come along to meetings and join a trip.


    Some examples of past trips include:

    • Family day trip to Kapiti Island
    • Camping at top of Cone, Tararuas
    • Easy overnighter to Tutuwai Hut
    • Week long adventure past Dragon’s Teeth in Kahurangi National Park
    • Off-track adventure, Kiriwhakapapa area, Tararuas


    We organise a trip most weekends, either a local trip usually on a Sunday, or a longer overnight trip which may go beyond the immediate area of the Tararuas.


    Trip categories are:

    • Easy: 4-6 hours, possibly hills with plenty of rest stops. Suitable for beginners.
    • Easy+:  4-6 hours, probably some short hills.
    • Average: 5-8 hours, some hills, fewer rest stops. Suitable for people with reasonable fitness and some experience.
    • Fit: 6+ hours per day, lots of hills, may go off-track, stops for lunch and ‘smoko’. Suitable for experienced trampers with good fitness.


    We suggest the new members start with an Easy trip to assess their fitness.
    The Club has some equipment available for members to borrow.

  • Upcoming Trips

    If you're interested in joining us on any of our trips, please come along to our Club night and make contact with the trip leader.

    We usually offer a trip each weekend, either a day trip on a Sunday, or an overnight tramp. Day trips are a great way to gain fitness without having to carry a heavy pack. Each trip has an indicated grading, and approximate transport cost. All potential members are urged to start with an easy trip so as to judge their fitness, confidence and ability. If in doubt check with the trip leader.

    Trips are on again, but we have to adhere to Covid Alert Level 2 conditions.

    All trips must have a leader who maintains a record of the people on the trip, the route taken, and when.
    Treat each trip group like a bubble and stay socially distanced and try to keep a 2-metre distance from people you do not know if possible (other groups out walking/tramping).
    Trip members may want to consider wearing their masks if there are a lot of other groups around in the area.
    Stay safe in the hills and enjoy getting out there.



    Spring Trip Schedule




    3 October

    Atiwhakatu Hut

    Stretch the legs along the Atiwhakatu track following the river, across the many side creek bridges to the hut. 

    Leader: TBC

    Grade: Easy + Cost $8


    6 October

    Club Night

    News, trips done, trips coming up and a cuppa.

    Guest Speaker: John Rhodes Part 2. The 1928 Tour de France in the Pyrenees & Alps

    10 Minute Training: First Aid practical Conrad


    10 October
    Pinnacle Ridge loop
    Up to Pinnacle HP 877, then continue around the
    ridgelines, down the steep hill to Atiwhakatu hut & out.
    Leader Sandra B 021 061 7054

    Easy +

    Cost $8


    17 October 


    Visit this amazing fenced reserve in central Wellington. Lots of track options. Bring a packed lunch. 

    Cost – petrol + entrance fee $22 Adult, $10 child 5 – 17. Senior / student $19.50 . 

    Grade: Easy.    

    Leaders: Laura Hopkins 021 0605375  or  Viv Webster Jones 021 0857 9074 


    22 - 25 October 

    Waingawa – Nichols – Kahiwiroa –Holdsworth loop. A Friday – Monday trip over the long weekend. Waingawa road end -> Mitre Flats Hut. 23rd :->Mitre Peak -> Dorset Ridge Hut -> DorsetRidge -> Park Forks. 24th : -> Nichols Hut ->-> Anderson Memorial Hut -> Kahiwiroa -> Mid-Waiohine Hut. 25th : -> Mt Holdsworth -> Powell Hut --> Holdsworth road end. 

    Leader: Paul Furkert 06 379 5355. 

    Grade Fit. 

    Cost TBC


    31 October 

    Northern Reserves. Eketahuna Cliff walk, Managatoro Scenic Reserve, Monckton SR, A’deanes Bush if time. 

    Leader: Christine Kerrigan 06 377 3756 

    Grade Easy. 

    Cost $10 - $15



    3 November 

    Club Night News, trips done, trips coming up & a cuppa.

    Julie and Glen Millar The NW Circuit of Stewart Island (& maybe the Southern Circuit too!)

    10 min training: RCC- Nigel


    7 November

    Castlepoint Out to the Lighthouse for great views, along the beach and Deliverance Cove track.

    Leader: Viv Webster Jones 021 0857 9074

    Grade: Easy

    Cost $10


    14 November 

    Honeycomb Rock Follow the coastal track through Glenburn Station. Several large rocks have the cell-like weathering pattern. 

    Leader: Denise Stagg. 021 1161424

    Grade Easy 

    Cost $10 - 15



    19 – 21 November   TRIP FULL

    White Rock trapping + Cutfields hut (Aorangi Forest Park) Put your tramping boots to a good cause, check and re-lure DOC250 traps along the Opouawe River. Friday night at Shearers Quarters, Saturday night at Paul Cutfields hut. 

    Leader: Joe Hansen & Sandra Burles 021 061 7054. 

    Grade Easy. 

    Cost $10 - $15 transport. Huts – no cost, Cutfields hut sleeps 4, so tents required for > 4 pax. Takeaways Friday?, shared dinner Saturday


    27 – 28 November

    Mitre Flats Hut From Mikimiki road end. An off-track adventure, via Bruce Hill and overnight at the hut.

    Leader: Nigel. 06 378 6556

    Grade Average.

    Cost $8




    2 December 

    Club Night News, trips done, trips coming up and a cuppa.

    Guest Speaker: Tony Gazley – tales and a calendar

    10 Min training: What to put in a summer pack


    5 December 

    Blue Range hut From Kiriwhakapapa road end, along the valley and up the hill to visit our club hut. Tidy the hut and top up the rat bait. Lunch in the sun at picnic table. Leader: Nigel Boniface 06 378 6556 

    Grade: Easy+ 

    Cost $8


    12 December 

    Roaring Stag hidden lake Either as a day trip, or overnight at Roaring Stag. Off track to find the lake. 

    Leader Sandra Burles Phone 021 061 7054 

    Grade: Average. 



    18 December 

    Bucks Ridge With SWTC. Split the group into 2 parties, meet in the middle. Track goes over Finnis trig point. Meet at Everest Cafe afterwards.

    Leader: John Rhodes rhodesja@xtra.co.nz

    Grade: Easy +

    Cost $10


    29 December

    Blue Range Blast Our traditional MTC post-Christmas day trip to Blue Range hut.

    Leader: Jason Christensen 027 693 7856

    Grade Easy +

    Cost $8












  • Trip Reports

    Read about some of the trips we've been on recently

    16th June, Mitre Flats sign install.  Three members Jason, Barry and Tony left Masterton at 8am heading to Mitre Flats for the day. It was a very present day for a trip into the hut. We all commented about how warm it was for the middle of winter. The clubs Mountain Mule pack was pulled out...
    June 13, 2021
    Attached are 3 pictures from the tramp we did on Sunday 13 June. We went from Kiriwhakapapa to Mikimiki and back Taking part: Denise, Graeme, Laura and Mike
    June 5, 2021
    Winzenberg Hill, 5 June 2021 We’d intended to visit the big rata in the Akatarawa Forest, but the early start required would have caused some of us to fall asleep before we reached it. That trip, to be led by Peter Harvey of Lowry Bay will be rescheduled for summer. The replacement was a...
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  • Club History

    The Club was formed in 1957 with the amalgamation of the YMCA Tramping Club and the Masterton Outdoor and Social Club.
    At that time members were also participating in the construction of what was to be called Blue Range Hut, a joint exercise with the NZ Forest Service.
    The Club also inherited a hut at Mitre Flats, the second hut at that location.
    The Hut on the Atiwhakatu River was built during 1968.
    Today the Club still maintains Blue Range Hut, it being a non core hut, for DoC and the community. The Tararua Aorangi Rimutaka Huts committee helps with funding for this work.
    The third hut at Mitre Flats, and the second Atiwhakatu Hut are both core DoC Huts, although Club members still help with minor repairs and maintenance.


    Click here to view the MTC Constitution

  • Huts

    Blue Range Hut

    Grid Reference: E1812491, N5481135 (NZTM2000)

    Bunks: 4 Single
    Cost: 1 Standard Hut Ticket
    The Hut was built during 1957 and 1958 by members of the newly formed Masterton Tramping Club, and staff from the NZ Forest Service. The Club organised a trip at fortnightly intervals for 18 months to carry the materials up, with regular races to see how many return trips could be made in one day, it is nearly a 700 metre climb.
    The Hut was opened by Mr. D.Blythe (NZFS) and Ted Esler, an early member of the Club, on Sunday 9th November 1958.

    More Info

    Atiwhakatu Hut

    Grid Reference: E1806817, N5472972 (NZTM2000)

    Bunks: 26 bunks in three separate rooms
    Cost: 1 Standard Hut Ticket
    The first hut was built in 1968 as a joint venture between the Club and NZFS, and slept 8-10.
    When the hut was opened it was a three hour walk along the Atiwhakatu track, which had many climbs and descents, no wonder that the river was a popular option.
    Today, with the new(ish) track it is an easy 90 minute walk, and about 30 minutes for a fit mountain runner.
    The new hut, built by DoC, was opened in June 2009. It is a much larger 12 bunker of the latest design.
    Due to unprecedented demand DoC once again extended it, to its new 26 sleeping design in 2013. The club no longer maintains this hut.

    More Info

    Mitre Flats 3

    Grid Reference: E1808985, N5477084 (NZTM2000)

    Bunks: Two platform Bunks, sleeps 14
    Cost: 1 Serviced Hut Ticket
    After many years of consultation and fund-raising Mitre Flats 3 was constructed in 1988 by the Department of Conservation at a total cost of $29,000. With $4,000 being donated by Masterton Tramping Club, (including $400 from Masterton Licensing Trust, $275 from South Wairarapa Tramping Club and $25 from Kaumatua Tramping Club).
    The first hut was built in 1935 and the second hut was built in 1953

    More Info

  • Library

    Masterton Tramping Club has some books that we are happy to lend out. If interested please enquire by contacting us.

    Books available to lend

    Wairarapa. An Historical Excursion Bagnall, A.G. (1976)

    North Island, Weekend Tramps Barnett, S (2002)

    Plant Icons of New Zealand Church G. and Greenfield P. (2005)

    New Zealand Endangered Species. Birds, Bats, Reptiles, Freshwater Fishes, Snails and Insects. Cusa, N.W., Lockley M. (1980)

    Where to Find Birds of the Wairarapa Dennison T, Scadden, Watt B

    Some Better Known NZ Wild Flowers and Birds Department of Tourism and Publicity

    The Natural World of New Zealand. An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of NZ's Natural Heritage Hutching G (1998)

    The Reed Handbook of Common New Zealand Birds Kinsky F.C., Robertson C.J.R. and Marshall J (1987)

    New Zealand Islands McGeorge P and McGeorge R (2004)

    New Zealand; Land of Birds Moon G. (2001)

    Spot X, Tramping New Zealand. Over 400 Tracks Moore, C. (2007)

    Wairarapa, A Place Apart. Nikolaison P. and Wall M. (2006)

    Ruahine Forest Park. A guide to Family Walks, Tramping Tracks and Routes Ombler, K (1993)

    202 Great Walks. The Best Day Walks in NZ Pickering M. (2003)

    The Four Corners of New Zealand Reed A.H. (1954)

    Wairarapa Walks Rhodes, J. and Cederman, A. (1989)

    Tararua Footprints. A Tramper's Guide to the Tararua Ranges Rodgers, M (1996)

    New Zealand Bird Portraits Soper M.F. (1963)

    New Zealand, Portrait of a Nation Stewart, G. (1985)

    From Mountains to Sea. The Story of Westland National Park Te Papa Atawhai, Department of Conservation (1990)

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