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Totara Flats Hut

Trip Report – Totara Flats Hut – 10/11 February

In the week leading up to the trip, the weather forecast was changing each time you

refreshed the screen however on the Saturday morning we (David, Christine and

Tony) set off from Waiohine Gorge road end towards Totara Flats Hut. As it turned

out, the weather played its part and apart from a few strong wind gusts once we

were down on the flats, it was a good walk in. Usual tree roots, mud patches etc

along the track but nothing unexpected. We took our time walking in chatting away

and after a few snack breaks / lunch stop, we were soon enough at the hut and, at

that stage, apart from three others at the hut we had the first pick of the bunk beds to

choose from.

Slowly the hut filled up (despite 10 or so “vacancies” shown on the booking website)

with fellow trampers appearing in dribs and drabs during the afternoon. This included

one family of four via Holdsworth Road end with mum wearing jandals carrying her

boots with the heel end of one boot flapping in the wind. In the morning we,

hopefully, sorted her out with a spare boot lace and tape with the hope she would

make it out back to Holdsworth being able to wear her boots.

During the night the heavens opened up and a fair bit of rain fell however it was only

light drizzle when we set off on the return journey with rain jackets on initially taking

almost the exact time to walk back out.

Overall, a very pleasant trip with some red line territory ticked off for two of us as well

as another hut bagged for Christine.

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