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Blue Range Hut

Blue Range hut 18 February.

Nathan and Brendan, two prospective new members, were not put off this trip by my description of a steady climb of about 600m before going down to the hut.

It was another sunny start, but reasonably cool under the redwoods as we started the walk, there may have been a few doubts as to the wisdom of coming on the trip, but with persistence, a few rests, and a helping of determination we made it in time for lunch.

After lunch we replaced the rat bait under the hut, those baits put in 4 weeks ago had gone, so the rats are back unfortunately.

The hut was clean and tidy, so no work was needed there, then it was back to the car, at a busy campground, and home.

Those on the trip, NIgel, Brendan and Nathan.