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Mountain House

The original plan for the MTC trip on June 24 - 25th, was for a weekend trip in the Aorangi range visiting Kawakawa and Mangatoetoe Huts, walking in on the Saturday , then out on the Sunday.

Unfortunately, by midweek, the leader had been unwell, and had to pull out of the trip, and before the weekend, another of the original 4 members of the proposed party was also unwell.

So, with two of the party left , and the weather looking increasingly wet on the Saturday, the trip finally reduced to a day walk on the Sunday.

Weather was due to remain wet, with some improvement , and therefore the most that was managed was a trip around the Hooper loop.

Nigel and Conrad left the Holdsworth carpark in heavy drizzle which, abated by the time they reached the start of the River ridge spur, occasional blue patches in the sky appearing. A steady climb up the spur, with little breeze , meant it was a warm climb.

A right turn at the top of the climb, dropping down to morning tea at the shelter. Here the breeze was a little cooler, coming over the Eastern side of the ridge.

Following this a steady walk back down the Gentle Annie track to the carpark.

Several Tomtit were seen , and an overflying Kakariki was also heard, nice to hear some of the birdlife that can be present in this part of the bush.

A leisurely tramp over 3 hours.

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