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Trip report from walk at Homewood, 18th June 2023

A most popular walk for the drizzly winter. 10 people on the walk, and 14 attended the lunch!

We left Masterton at 9am, travelling east through the rolling hills full of sheep and pines. There was a little bit of surface water on paddocks, a few slips and washouts on the road - and even some traffic lights in a narrow space!

We met Joe at Homewood Station and parked at the wool shed. After a chat with Andy the land owner and a quick respite from the rain, we headed off up the track. A slightly different walk than planned due to the rain and lack of visibility. We walked a little way up the track,stopped and talked about the Station,trapping opportunities and a new track Joe was putting in. Then with tummies rumbling, we headed back down to the cars and off to the Storeroom.

Based in a renovated church, the Homewood Storeroom is an amazing foodie venue - complete with locally made chocolates, garden art, an outdoor eating area, amazing menu and friendly staff. Most of us chose from the Breakfast menu and were presented with beautiful and delicious plates of food (and great coffee). We will have to go back to complete the walk,check out the Totara tree stumps, and coastal walk as originally planned.

On the walk: Viv, Ron, Christine, Shona, Peter, Michelle, Lorelei, Gen, Trevor, Sandra, Joe. Plus joining us for lunch: Chris, Gerald, Laura, Mike.


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