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Smith Creek Shelter

Smith Creek Shelter 7 May 2023

Leaving the Kaitoke car park we, Lorelei and Tony (scribe), made our way along the

wet and slippery track up and over the hill down through Puffer Saddle essentially

following the Tauherenikau River to Smith Creek Shelter. Apart from at times the

slippery track, the track was in very good condition no doubt as a result of the recent

clearing of windfall by the GWBN volunteers. There were a couple of slips to

carefully negotiate up and over however we meandered along enjoying the warm

humid day and the surrounding scenery. Not a breath of wind all day.

Having not been to the shelter before I found it “interesting” to say the least,

definitely a haven from rain and most elements however not sure I would want to

stay the night there unless I had to.

After a quick lunch, we returned the same way only seeing maybe 3 people in total

during our walk again taking care along the slippery track. A good day walk and a

new track for the both of us.

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