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Renwanui Forest Park

Participants: Viv, Chris, Maggie, Denise, Nigel & Margaret
I woke in the morning to the sound of heavy rain on the roof and thinking we might need to
cancel our planned tramp at Rewanui. A check on the Metservice website assured me it was
going to clear around 10am which was our scheduled meeting time. But it still didn’t look great
outside. However, as the morning progressed blue sky appeared and sure enough, by 10am the
rain had cleared.
We arrived out at Rewanui and set off toward Mt Clyde hiding in the cloud in the distance. The
closer we got to Mt Clyde and the trig the more the weather improved. Most of the track was
sheltered from the wind but the trig certainly was not. However we did manage to find a
sheltered spot at the top to enjoy the views over lunch.
After adding some layers it was time to continue on our loop and we were soon out of the wind
again. Decision time at the start of the exotics walk where it was decided we would add that
loop to our day whilst we were there. There were also natives along some of this loop and some
of us were identifying trees drawing on our new knowledge gained from our recent quiz at the
AGM. This loop added about another hour to our trip.
After spotting the new campervan overnighting spot on the newly formed “Rewanui Lane” the
group split with some heading along Rewanui Lane and back down the main road (which was
quite busy for a weekday) to the car. The other group continued on the loop track which wasn’t
as muddy as expected.
The ground was quite wet but we were surprised it wasn’t too bad, especially after the amount of
rain we had over the past week or so.
Overall a very enjoyable walk with a bit of a hill to test the fitness.
Our trip is marked in red on the aerial photo below.


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