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Mount Waiohine

Mount Waiohine Sunday 23 May

The forecast spoke of rain and gales, we hoped they would arrive after 3pm as some, but not all forecasts predicted.

After a careful drive along the twisty Mangatarere road, looking at all the new housing, it started to drizzle as we started walking, it didn’t last long!

We all managed to cross the stream with dry feet before starting the steady climb of about 500m. One tramper, and his dog, were encountered near the top, heading out after a night at Sayers hut. The track to Sayers is in good condition, and not too slippery in the dry conditions. The route towards Waiohine was not quite as good but still generally easy to follow. By this time we were walking in cloud, with no chance of a view, so a decision was made to have an early lunch at High Point 810, then head homeward, leaving the views from Waingawa to be seen of a fine day in the future. As we arrived  at the vehicles the drizzle started again, but no gales, some good exercise but without the views we had hoped for.

Those on the trip: Tony, Liat, Syd and Nigel

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