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Kiriwhakapapa Road end to Mikimiki stream

Sandra and Anna met at the Mount Bruce hall at 930am on 19 th July and headed to the

Kiriwhakapapa road end.

The weather had been quite drizzly and gloomy so we suited up with gaiters and jackets. After a

quick look at the map and discussion on track options from this road end, we headed along the track

towards the saddle. The track had quite a few puddles along the flat sections, the stream alongside

with extra water too. The bush was green and drippy with the drizzle. We unloaded the jackets and

jerseys as we headed up the hill. We found some interesting fungi alongside the track and Anna used

a phone app to find out what they were. We stopped at the saddle for a quick snack and then

continued downhill to the Mikimiki stream. We got glimpses of views of mist covered hills from a

couple of points on the hill. After filling water bottles at the Mikimiki stream and making a plan to

return to do the walk out to the Mikimiki road end, we headed back up the hill to the saddle. The

weather cleared a little more on the way out and we didn’t see anyone else on our tramp until we

got back to the carpark. Lunch in the shelter with a hot cuppa then home. A good stretch of the legs

after lockdown.

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