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Gentle Annie Creek

Gentle Annie Creek

Seven members met at the Holdsworth carpark at 9am, obviously a bit late as parking spaces were already well filled, yet another lovely sunny weekend.

First stop was the new Rocky Lookout, the 9am start made for a 10am arrival at the lookout, just in time for a tea break to ensure our SWTC representative could have a, short, tea break. Then it was a bit further up the Gentle Annie, left onto the Old Gentle Annie, and right up to the Old Rocky Lookout, with much improved views of the Wairarapa valley and the mountains.

With the climbing over, it was time to start the descent to Gentle Annie Creek, John asked everyone to look out for a specimen of Hard Beech. I think most were busy looking where to put their feet on the rough track, as John was the first to spot one. 

Shortly after we met the creek we found a reasonably sunny spot for lunch, and another cuppa. Then continued down the creek before joining up with the track to Holdsworth Lookout and making our way back to the vehicles by 1pm.

Those on the walk, Denise, Margaret, Robyn, Graeme, David, John & Nigel