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Combined Clubs Boar Bush

Combined Clubs Boar Bush exploration 13 August 2022

Participants: Jenny Bradley (MTC), Chris Crowe (SWTC), John Rhodes

(MTC + SWTC, coordinator), Ingrid Ward (SWTC)

From the gate on Boar Bush Gully Road we continued up-valley for 500 metres, then took a sharp left turn onto a pylon road. Morning tea was taken beside a pylon at the 300 metre contour. We then proceeded to point 361 (the highest point on the road), where

we looked in vain for signs of a hunters’ track. From 361 we cut northwards for about 150 metres and began the descent into the saddle that leads to point 447, reaching the end of the gorse. Beyond, the vegetation consists of manuka and other natives.

Back on the road we retraced our steps for about 800 metres, then

climbed to point 328 and the Telecom cell (microwave?) tower just past it, where Chris claimed that he could see Wellington. We lunched before returning to the valley. Today marked a small beginning of our new track, which ultimately will reach Mt Frith and make possible a circular trip over Frith and Finis from Boar Bush Gully. The club is fortunate in having two such projects at present; the second leg of our Winzenberg track near Holdsworth Lodge

will also provide a loop walk when complete.