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Blue Range Maintenance Trip

Blue Range hut. December 20th 2020. On one of the many warm weather days this summer, 5 Club members went to Blue Range hut for some quick maintenance tasks. Sandra headed off first to include a detour to Te Mara peak which was successful - except the geo-cache wasn't found (later noted to be on the 'track' between Mikimiki / Kiriwhakapapa saddle to the trig). Barry, Nigel, Angeline and Tony headed directly to the hut, with Barry charging on ahead with a heavy pack carrying the drills and wood. Nigel, Tony, Angeline stopped briefly at the rock for views to the west, and Sandra joined them having finished the detour. 

On arrival at the hut lunch was had, followed by a few quick chores; traps checked, bait topped up, porch step fixed, leaves from under the porch removed. We then reclimbed to Blue Range ridge and returned to the car-park. Only one mistletoe flower was seen at the half way point - the rest of the plants had been eaten by pests!

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