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Blue Range Hut

Trip Report

Blue Range Hut 16 April 2023

Five of us, Michelle, Mike K, Nigel, David and Tony (trip leader) met up at Masterton

at 8.30am before heading off to the Kiriwhakapapa Campground and the start of our

walk through the Redwood Forest and up the hill to the Club maintained Blue Range

Hut. Part way up the hill we were joined by Conrad and his everfaithful companion

Boots along with Boots compulsory stick.

Weather was fine with little or no wind and we took our time with a steady climb up

the hill stopping to look at the various flora and fauna as we went. It was as expected

a little damp underfoot however no one was in a hurry and we made it to the hut in

good time. On our way up we met a fellow tramper coming down the hill and after a

bit of a chat it turned out he had stayed the Saturday night at Cow Creek Hut with the

hut to himself. His plan was to walk to Mitre Flats Hut but he had taken a wrong turn

and was now halfway down the hill to Kiriwhakapapa Campground!

The weather was so favourable we had lunch at the picnic table admiring the view of

the distant tops across the way. Nigel changed out the rat baits around the hut while

Conrad gathered up several pieces of rubbish to carry out which had been left

behind by various trampers – disappointing.

Lunch in the sun Carry in, Carry out! Make sure to leave in time.

The hut was in very tidy condition and after admiring the views a bit more we headed

off back down the track to the carpark. It was great to be joined by Michelle and

David as it was their first time to Blue Range Hut. All in all, it was a great day

weather wise and another good walk to the Club’s hut and back.

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